Wednesday, April 9, 2014


A little about me and why I decided to create this blog.
My husband and I have a 3 year old boy and are raising him to be tri-lingual in English, Spanish and French. Spanish will be the primary bi-lingual language but we want to introduce French as we both know and love the language.
I grew up with a South American born father who was afraid of prejudice based on accent and thus raised me to speak primarily English. I learned Spanish by listening him talk to his social circle so I understood it long before I spoke it.  My husband was raised in a primarily Spanish speaking home and only stopped speaking it daily once he went to college. We speak Spanish with his aunts and uncles at family gatherings and want to raise our son so both languages are a part of his arsenal.
I am a scrapbooker and active user of Pinterest and love pinning layout inspirations and new ideas for learning.  I am regularly crafting new learning activities, searching for printables to use as is or augment, and lately looking for bilingual flash card and games. A couple of links took me to this domain which was no longer valid and the link to "create a site on this domain" just seemed like the perfect opportunity to (re)imagine this space into a central repository for free, engaging learning materials to use for bilingual child development.  I find it very frustrating to click on "free" printable links to find out that it's a ruse to register, download some random third party software, or get to the link to find out it's free if you are a member and it costs $$ to become a member. So this site will truly be a repository of free resources that I have found value in and ultimately used. Also I will share any projects I do that stem from inspired ideas as well as some learning and observations from our journey.