Free Printables

These are great printables we found that are free and don't require sign-up or downloading third party install software.

Kindergarten Worksheets - Count 1-10, Colors, Seasons

Primera Escuela - Letter Worksheets - Color, draw and decorate letters and pictures. Cut small pictures and paste them on the letter worksheets

Joy Focused Learning:
Farm Animal Flashcards
Healthy Fruit Flashcards or Memory Game
Transportation Theme Flashcards
Calendar and Weather Activities

Homeschool Aventuras Spanish Lesson Plans:
La Comida : Food
La Ropa : Clothing

Car Activities:
Homeschool Aventuras - Bingo Por Viaje

Printable Card Games:
Spanish Playground - Batalla de TamaƱos
Mr. Printables - Spanish Alphabet Flash Cards

Math Rise - Writing Worksheets for Numbers 1-12

Inspired Ideas to do:
Number learning sheets - Bilingual Creations hasnt been updated in a couple years but they have a few great free printable downloads. I love the number learning sheets they started (1-4) and am planning to create a little flashcard booklet for my son with counting 1-10 on his hands.

Email Lists  and Newsletters
Fun French and Spanish has a email list you sign up for and receive tips and free printables.

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