Recommended Books

These are some of the books that made the grade and have continued to keep my son's interest.

Tactile books:
Puppy & Friends (Happy Baby) - received this book free from ob/gyn and it was a favorite tactile book for the first two years. He still loves this book to read on his own.

Board Books:
Quiero a mi papa Porque - Great little board book with vibrant large images and simple sentences. Short enough to hold his attention when he was 8-18 months and engaging enough to keep his attention at 3 yrs.

Lift the Flap:
Ya Hablo Ingles is a wonderful book with various everyday scenes and dialog bubbles that fold up/down to reveal the phrase in Spanish. It's engaging for self-play as well as a great read-to-me book. After reading this book, my son will take the book and read to me, making up his own version to explain what he sees in the pictures.

Recordable Storybooks:
- Hallmark Spanish "Cuento Conmigo" (Count On Me) Recordable Storybook is a Spanish and English story text that reinforces the family bond. Love that is involves the extended family and that it can be a keepsake for Abuelo to always be there to read aloud to my son.  This is harder to find and i had to get it off of eBay.

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